Crowdfunding for the launch of the Cryptocurrency10 Exchange platform

Crowdfunding for the launch of the Cryptocurrency10 Exchange platform

CryptoCurrency10 (CC10) is ready to launch its new local cryptocurrency exchange platform. LocalBitcoin has been surpassed and CC10 proposes a new decentralized market where Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether can be initially bought and sold, but it’s also an e-wallet, where it’s possible to safe keep them, with a two factor authentication (2FA). In addition, you can also purchase or sell real estate with cryptocurrencies on the CC10 platform.
To finance the launch, CC10 has started a Crowdfunding campaign, or rather a collective fundraiser. This is a collaborative process of a group of people who use their own money to sustain the efforts of people or companies like ours for innovative projects.

How to obtain a lifetime commission-free account?

Participating in the fundraiser, you can obtain (depending on the amount) a COMMISSION-FREE account for 6months, 2 years or LIFETIME.
The CC10project foresees operating with the top 10 cryptocurrencies in use within the first year. The initial phase will be using Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two most bought and sold currencies, and Tether, which is anchored to the United States dollar and therefore permits you to maintain your capital in crypto without the risks of the big fluctuations that cryptocurrencies are undergoing.
If what you wish is to quickly purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether, all you need to do is use your CC10 account. Insert the amount of money you want to exchange, the country you want to buy it from and the payment method you prefer. In this manner, you will see a list of sellers that offer what you are looking for. To sell, do the same thin by clicking on sell or insert an ad with your preferred payment system.
When you request the purchase of a certain amount of the predetermined cryptocurrency from a vendor, the vendor is obliged to send them to an escrow under the CC10 control. Once the payment and a control of the vendor have been made, you will receive the cryptocurrency in your account in such a way that you are protected against fraud or scams. You obviously have to be careful to choose reputable vendors and banks and countries where it’s not possible for vendors to ask for the return of the money.
Sales transactions are also carried out through escrow, and it’s possible to choose the best options that depend on the amount offered and the payment method, from among the various ads.
You can insert a sales ad or else access the ones of businesses and individuals that have been working for years in cryptocurrency trading.
The best payment systems are bank accounts in your own bank or e-wallets that permit moving money from one account to another on the same platform. Payment systems like PayPal or debit or credit cards have a high scam index, so it’s possible to accept them only from whom you know personally.
The new CC10 cryptocurrency exchange platform follows the crypto philosophy, meaning decentralization and favors contact among those who take advantage of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether.


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