Bitcoin value at the present moment is 6 times greater than the pre-bubble

Bitcoin value at the present moment is 6 times greater than the pre-bubble

For those who been following the trend of Bitcoin prices knows that within a long period of time in 2017 there was a powerful and substantial increase, defined as a true speculative bubble, and the graphic image makes it clear. It can also be observed that, before 2017, the price had been relatively stable for a certain period of time at about 1,000 USD.
The red line on the left stands out when the price remained relatively stable, around 1,000 USD. Later, in March 2017, a boom that raised the price of the BTC firstly to 2,000 USD (in June), then to 4,000 USD in August, and then in October was shot at 6,000 USD, in November to 8,000 USD and even to 20,000 USD in December.
Then the bubble burst, but as it has happened, almost always, in the past, price of Bitcoin has never fallen to pre-bubble levels. In fact, as you can see from the line on the right, it has stabilized around 6,000-7000 USD approximately, roughly as in June 2017. The interesting thing is that the new minimum level is six times greater than the pre-bubble!

long-term bitcoin chart

The long-term prices trend indicates that the value continues to increase

In the past, when other speculative bubbles erupted, the post-bubble price was higher than the pre-bubble price, but an increase of six times in a year is really noticeable (the first time that bitcoin prices fell to 6,000 USD was in February 2018, 11 months after the beginning of the March 2017 boom.
Thus, those who follow the long-term price trend knows that value, at least until now, year after year, continues to rise, while only those who follow it in the short term cannot grasp this trend.
It is clear that: bubbles such as the 2017 second semester, which raised the value of 6,000 USD to 20,000 USD in 6 months, will continue to exist in the future, but at this point the hypothesis that the price after the Bitcoin bubble is generally higher than before the bubble. The important thing is to avoid investing money in the middle of a bubble, when prices are too high and are destined to fall.
In any case, our readers know very well that our operational optics in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are established in the long term medium because, beyond the speculative aspect, we firmly believe in Blockchain technology and its many uses in our work and everyday life.

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