Antarctic Foundation Set To Launch The Antarctic AAL Token

Antarctic Foundation Set To Launch The Antarctic AAL Token

The team behind The Antarctic Token (AAL), an ALO Global project, is taking their pursuit of using crypto and blockchain as a tool of environmental protection a notch higher with the plans to launch the AAL token. According to the Antarctic (AAL) Foundation, the token sale will be preceded by an Antarctic AAL Airdrop scheduled to begin on September 15, 2022.

The Case for Environmental Protection

It is becoming more imperative to address the subject of climate change head-on and develop practical and effective solutions for tackling global warming, especially as its effects are becoming even more noticeable by the day. According to the 2021 Annual Climate Report published by the NOAA, the combined land and ocean temperature has increased at an average rate of 0.14 degrees Fahrenheit (0.08 degrees Celsius) per decade since 1880. The 2017 U.S. Climate Science Special Report also revealed that “if yearly emissions continue to increase rapidly, as they have since 2000, models project that by the end of this century, global temperature will be at least 5 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the 1901-1960 average.”

Over the years, government institutions as well as private organizations have continued to suggest policies and put measures in place to put a stop to the upward trend in the globally averaged temperature and ultimately save the Antarctic. However, more needs to be done in this regard, especially in bringing awareness to the dangers of neglecting the Antarctic region. Consequently, the Antarctic (AAL) Foundation aims to use crypto to drive home the point as substantiated by the Antarctic AAL Airdrop.

The primary of the Antarctic (AAL) Foundation is to safeguard the environment and support the development of eco-friendly activities based on a business model designed to use blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies as revolutionary technologies. The project launch is particularly timely, coming at a time when the world needs the introduction of an ecological perspective as a significant part of all business models.

The ALO Global project will be supporting pre-startups and entrepreneurial initiatives through partnerships, participation, and funding to identify viable and sustainable solutions and ideas and transform them from conceptualization to realization. The Antarctic (AAL) Foundation aims to use the latest technologies, including blockchain and smart contracts to identify and approve projects with business models implying a reduction of the impact on the environment and an improvement of quality.

Overview of The Antarctic Token (AAL)

The Antarctic Token (AAL) is an Antarctic cryptocurrency that will practically set the tone for blockchain space in the coming weeks due to the project it drives. The token drives the ALO Global project’s goal of accelerating the development of green activities and programs, such as environmental protection, development of renewable energy and adoption of carbon-neutral devices, financing, and support for eco-sustainable start-ups, and a host of others.

Sale and Airdrop of Antarctic AAL Token

The start of next massive crypto trend begins with the airdrop commencing on September 15, 2022, enabling as many people as possible to be a part of the movement to save the planet, irrespective of their location worldwide. 

The AAL token airdrop is the first stage of distribution, with the free allotment of 1% of the initial offering as a reward. This is followed by the pre-sales stage that is reserved for institutional/private investors with1 AAL @ $0.05 and a minimum of $5,000. The distribution concludes with Sales round 1 and 2, which are open to the public at 1 AAL @ $0.07 with 30% discount and 1 AAL @ $0.085 with 15% discount, respectively.

There are several perks to purchasing and hodling the AAL token. In addition to saving Antarctica and preventing the region from becoming the victim of an environmental tragedy, buying the token also serves as a worthy investment financially, with the value expected to appreciate due to the project it supports.

For further information about AAL tokens, as well as to participate in the airdrop and stand a chance of being a part of the winners of a limited quota of free AAL tokens, or to request citizenship to play a role in saving the planet, visit the website.

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