The story of the guru who could have been a millionaire with Bitcoins

The story of the guru who could have been a millionaire with Bitcoins

Antonio Andres Henche was one of the first people to begin mining Bitcoins, when the cryptocurrency was more or less unknown and its value negligible. This 42-year old informatic engineer recognized that, in this period, he could mine four or five Bitcoin blocks every night, using just his personal computer. He could obtain up to 50 Bitcoins with each block.

During the period he was mining, Henche was able to obtain around 1,000 Bitcoins. If he had saved them, he would be a millionaire today; however, “Antuam”, which is the pseudonym that Henche used during the cryptocurrency forums, lost all of it , in the worst way possible, because he didn’t use the most elemental measures.

“Antuam” used a virtual machine with the Linux operating system, which was connected to his laptop. During the mining process, the machine began to get too hot until, one day, it completely stopped working and, to complicate everything, the laptop was also useless. “Antuam” dealt with it in every possible way, but he couldn’t recover the information on his hard disc. All the information about his  Bitcoin mining was on this device.

These  Bitcoins passed into a phase called “sleeping cryptocurrencies”, or rather, are directions that have an entrance but no exit. At first, “Antuam” didn’t pay much attention to the lost  Bitcoins, since he didn’t know anything with certainty what use they would be. One day in 2013, in an airport, while waiting for a flight, he heard that the  Bitcoins had reached a quote of 60 dollars. Faced with this news, “Antuam” went back to investigating on how to deal with recovering his  Bitcoins; however, without knowing the public address and the private keys, it turned out to be impossible to access his accent.

Four years later, the  Bitcoin reached a peak quote of 19,798, which is why, if “Antuam” had conserved his Bitcoins he would have received around 20 million dollars. Frustrated by his loss, “Antuam” registered with the cryptocurrency forum  Bitcointalk, where he earned notoriety because of his on-point comments.

“Antuam” dealt with mining new  Bitcoins; however, reality hit him with hard. Though he mined with his personal laptop in 2011, he needed special hardware, with very powerful graphic cards that consume a very high amount of energy. “Antuam” didn’t doubt in investing his meager savings in equipment; however, it went bad for him in this operation and he was left bankrupt and his marriage almost ended.

His role inside  Bitcointalk was also diminished, starting with the scams that were generated from this online platform. Included, “Antuam” was denounced by a person for supposed “piracy”. These days, this informatic engineer, who could have been a millionaire thanks to the  Bitcoins he had obtained a decade earlier, barely reaches the end of the month with his finances. He has already decided to not invest in Bitcoins anymore and his story can serve as an example for many businessmen who believe that cryptocurrencies are an easy way to earn money; however, the truth is that if they aren’t well-advised by experts on this theme, they can end up like “Antuam”.

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