Car rental in Cuba, the best options

Car rental in Cuba, the best options

Car rental in Cuba can seem to be easy; however, it’s actually extremely difficult, for various reasons, even though one stands out above the rest: the low availability of automobiles that Havanautos, Via Rent a Car, Rex and Cubacar – the only four state agencies on the island with official permits for this activity – can count on.

In addition to the scarcity of the automobile fleet, the main tour-operators reserve the few existing spots way ahead of time so that for any visitor to find an available car it was, up to a short time ago, practically impossible.

This enormous problem is resolved with EASY KUBA CAR, because we can guarantee car rental in Cuba at any time, with unlimited mileage and manual or automatic gearshift. One element distinguishes us: we are the only ones who accept payment with cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin.

In Cuba, the transportation problem is severe. Perhaps in some other part of the world, the visitor decides to make use of public transportation like, buses, subways, trams, or taking a taxi for guaranteeing mobility; however, to enjoy the Caribbean island to the maximum car rental in Cuba is essential. This is the most practical option and ends up being much more economical with EASY KUBA CAR.

After car rental in Cuba with us, we recommend various things that will help you to better enjoy the experience of driving down the Cuban roads. The first element is that although the traffic in Havana or any other city in the country, it doesn’t compare with any other world capitals because driving remains complicated, since most of the time, the condition of the streets is dreadful. Therefore, there aren’t any traffic jams, nor will you wait an hour in a line, but your car could easily lose a tire when falling into a pothole.

Also, the streets aren’t well-illuminated, nor is there an abundance of traffic lights, so driving while carefully focused on the steering wheel is essential. Online geolocation services aren’t precise in a country where Internet continues to be slow and expensive, so in case of losing your way , the most sensible option is to ask a local citizen. Another interesting option is to download the maps of Cuba before reaching the country and consult them offline on your mobile device.

Gas stations in Cuba are not common and the price of fuel isn’t exactly cheap, since 95 octane special gas is 1,40 CUC (1 USD = 0,87 CUC); but it’s exactly from this situation that taxi services, in addition to being inefficient and slow, are extremely expensive. A detail that you must always keep in mind: payments in Cuba are always in cash since Visa, MasterCard or other credit/debit companies are only accepted in some places.

Another valuable fact is the maximum speed allowed. In Cuba, you can’t go faster than 100 km/hour, not even on the national freeway, and exceeding 60 kilometers is generally not allowed on city streets. In the case one is surprised by the traffic police he can receive a ticket that under no circumstances will he pay at that time.

Before renting a car in Cuba we have to know to know that both international and national driver’s licenses, but always in the original format. In Your Cuba Travel we guarantee your reservation, the best prices, payments in CUC, EUR, USD and BTC.

EASY KUBA CAR: the solution for your car rental in Cuba.

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