The 10 biggest Cryptocurrency investors

The 10 biggest Cryptocurrency investors

The popularity and Cryptocurrencies values are undeniable today. Far from the initial skepticism of 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto published the historic "white paper" with which he presented the Bitcoin. This and other Cryptocurrencies have gained a space in the contemporary financial world and more and more products and services can be paid with cryptocurrencies.

Although the Cryptocurrencies have had price curves that may have provoked some doubts among potential investors, the truth is that most of those who have chosen to invest their money in cryptocurrencies have obtained good economic dividends.

Who are the 10 biggest Cryptocurrency investors? This list goes from those who built great fortunes by investing and trading with Cryptocurrencies, to others who created some of the most used cryptocurrencies.

1. The first is Chris Larsen, Co-founder of Ripple, American, Stanford graduate. He owns 17% of the company controlling 61 Billion of the 100 trillion of XRP demand. His fortune in Cryptocurrency is estimated at 7.5 billion.

2. Then, we have Joseph Lubin, a Canadian and Co-founder of ConsenSys, which is the company behind the Ethereum ecosystem, another most used Cryptocurrency nowadays. Lubin studied at Princeton and his fortune is estimated between 2 and 3 billion.

3. There is Winklevoss brothers (Tyler and Cameron) Co-founders of Winklevoss Capital. They started investing in Bitcoin from 2012 and managed to set-up the Gemini Exchange, which is widely used today. His fortune is around $1 billion.

4. On this list, there is also Matthew Mellon, the American who after selling his Bitcoins invested a millionth in XRP and his fortune has already reached billions. 

5. In the world of Cryptocurrencies, all knows CoinBase, considered the most downloaded iPhone application in the United States. Its CEO is the American Brian Armstrong, who studied at Rice University and, thanks to CoinBase, has taken his fortune almost to a billion.

6. The American Matthew Roszak in an entrepreneur who founded several software companies, before reaching the world of Cryptocurrencies. His investments in Cryptocurrencies as well as his Tally Capital and Bloq projects have permitted him to build a fortune of nearly a billion.

7. Another Canadian in the ranking is Anthony Di Iorio, who studied at Ryerson University and invested in several Cryptocurrencies, including Qtum, Verchain and ZCash. He is considered as one of the founders of the Ethereum. His fortune exceeds 750 million.

8. An American Brock Pierce, creator of the Bitcoin Foundation, was one of the first to bet big on Cryptocurrencies. During the first decade of the 21st century, he founded the Internet Gaming Entertainment, a pioneer platform for the Cryptocurrency exchange against real money. His fortune exceeds 700 million.

9. The list ends with the American Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital, who equally invested millions in Cryptocurrencies and this has permitted him to increase his fortune to 700 million.

10. Chinese Changpeng Zhao, a graduate of McGill University, is also one of the brilliant minds in Cryptocurrencies. He has been involved in several Cryptocurrency projects, including his most recent, Binance, which is considered the world largest Exchange. His fortune ranges from 1 to 2 billion.

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