What is AELF (ELF)?

What is AELF (ELF)?

Aelf is a specific customizable operating system (OS) for blockchain. The team aims to make this project become the “Linux system “of the blockchain community.
To resolve the current problems with blockchain technology, Aelf focuses on two main innovations: Side chains and a single governance model. The project separates resources and smart contracts through the use of side-chains to improve scalability while utilizing a delegated participatory testing system for more adaptive governance. Let’s have more details on each of them.
Aelf is developed in a main chain and in numerous side chains to carry out the smart contracts on the platform. The main strand is then the backbone of the entire system and can also interact with external strings. Each side string is dedicated to a specific type of smart contract. The side chains cannot interact with each other, so they must communicate through the main chain during the transmission of the information.

AELF, a chain system

All the side chains are connected to the main chain through an index system. The index system classifies the chains into two groups:
• Very important external chains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)
• Internal side chains in the Aelf operating system
For example, the main string might be connected to a central system such as Bitcoin or Ethereum branched as strings, to a side string for “Asset exchanges " and additional strings for "Other types of assets ". In addition, the side chains can in turn branch into secondary chains. To further deepen the example, the string of “Other types of assets " might have a sub-string for each activity type and each of these strings could be further subdivided.
This strategy is similar to Ethereum sharding and should help the network improve scalability (number of transactions per second). The separation of the ecosystem into side chains ensures that congestion in one area does not affect the entire network.
Side chains must pay a transaction commission to the main string for indexing. The more you contribute a side chain to the ecosystem, the lower the transaction fee you will have to pay. Any link to Bitcoin, with its widespread adoption, will not be subject to payment of the fee. Side chains can also collect commissions from all the secondary chains that are connected to them.



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