A new hard fork is approaching from Ethereum

A new hard fork is approaching from Ethereum

The next hard bifurcation of Ethereum is called Constantinople. A date has not yet been fixed but developers are already creating and testing the code.
There is a hypothesis that could be launched by the second week of October, however, in within talking of All Core Dev # 42 event on July 13, the date seems to go beyond October, to January 2019. In any case, the final decision is planned for the next All Core Dev # 43 event.
The fork is aimed to make the Ethereum network more economical and efficient, following the path initiated with the previous bifurcation, Byzantium, which took place in October 2017. This requires a lot of work, so the development and testing process will not be fast.
Constantinople will be a hard fork, i.e. the new protocol will not be compatible with the current, so doing, developers are proceeding with great caution.
In this sense, the proposed roadmap is flexible to better manage any unforeseen event: the implementation phase will last until August 13, followed by two months of testing, including the launching of a specific test-net.
Updates are to make several adjustments to the Ethereum network, such as commission costs in very small transactions.
In total, the updates made by the fork (EIPs, Ethereum Improvement Proposals) would be five:
• EIP 145: Bit-shifting instructions in EVM, which adds two bitwise operators (SHL s SAR) to the EVM;
• EIP 210: Blockhash Refactoring
• EIP 1014: Skinny CREATE2
• EIP 1052: EXTCODEHASH Opcode adds the EXTCODEHASH operation code that allows contracts to calculate the keccak256 hash of the bytecode of other contracts;
• EIP 1087: Net gas measurement for SSTORE operations, which is used to consume less gas.

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