Best SHIB Wallet App to Use for Beginners: Trustee Wallet

Best SHIB Wallet App to Use for Beginners: Trustee Wallet

When you read about cryptocurrency online or hear someone buy it, what do you feel? For many not-yet-into-the-crypto, the sphere seems way too hard to reach. But is it really so? Doesn’t the 21st century hold easy access to crypto coins and NFTs?

With more and more digital coins becoming attractive targets for investment, DeFi should be open to customers regardless of age, status, and country. This article is going to dwell on how to use modern and easy tools for buying the trending crypto coin Shiba Inu. Check out how to buy and keep them safe with the help of a popular and simple Shib wallet Trustee Wallet.

What Is the Best Way to Create SHIB Wallet?

So, you are looking for a way to get a top Shiba Inu wallet online. What to begin with?

First and foremost, identify what purpose you will be using this wallet for. If there’s a clear target and, for instance, you want to buy some Ethereum to invest in NFT art, define the exact sum you will be able to pool at the start with no problems.

However, Shiba Inu might be more interesting for a few reasons. Since lately, it has exploded with new power, let’s see the main reasons why it’s a nice asset right now.

  • SHIB is an ERC-20 token

While some say that Shiba Inu is just taking advantage of Dogecoin’s success, the coin itself is quite different from its brother. SHIB has a status of an ERC-20 token and operates on the Ethereum blockchain. This means it can be a part of DeFi projects and is potent to have more real-life implications.

  • Shiba Inu has a strong community around it

Digital coins with strongly established communities usually work for a long time and are safer. The prominence of this coin, including the one on social media, shows that it is expected to be relevant on and on.

How Exactly to Create a Shiba Inu Wallet?

There are a few easy steps for quick Trustee wallet creation and setup.

Step 1. Download Shiba Inu wallet app from App Store (for iPhone) or Play Market (for Android).

Step 2. Open the app and press the ‘Create wallet’ button.

Step 3. Reveal your unique (and secret!) seed phrase with the button ‘Press and hold to reveal.’ This seed phrase will be your Recovery phrase as well. But don’t keep it on a computer’s hard drive.

Step 4. Approve this recovery phrase.

Step 5. Start adding assets to the wallet:

  • Choose ‘Add asset’ on the app’s main screen
  • Select the Shiba Inu token and tap it
  • Choose the desired transaction: buy, send, or accept, or go to ‘More’ to find custom tokens
  • Wait for the token to appear on your main screen

That is how easily one can open and manage a Shib wallet online. With the multi-currency Trustee Wallet, buying and sending digital money is a piece of cake.

Use it to manage personal decentralized finance or company’s crypto investments, buy and sell over 1200 digital coins and tokens, and transfer funds to other accounts.

The wallet not only allows you to create Shib wallet and use it on a mobile. It is rich in other outstanding features such as:

  • Anonymous and secure usage without registration
  • Zero percent commission for crypto transactions
  • One and only fee: to the miner
  • Buying crypto with a bank card
  • Simple interface
  • Good perks: loyalty program offers up to 30 % of exchange fees

All in all, this Shib wallet app has all it takes to give you a cool crypto banking experience and the best conditions. Feel free to work with the Trustee Shiba Inu app both on iOS and Android.

We hope this review brought you clarity, and now you know how to open up a wallet with Trustee.

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