Cryptocurrency mining to finance politics

Cryptocurrency mining to finance politics

This idea is from the United States, where a company has sent an application to the Federal Election Commission to request the approval of a new method of financing electoral campaigns.
Practically, it operates like this:

1. On the party website or the campaign committee, a page to finance will be loaded with a mining script.
2. On this page, the user is informed that, upon visiting, the mining operation will be activated in favor of the party or committee in question;
3. The "donors” are invited to visit that page (plus click on the link/script, and the mining activity will give positive results).

The system can use one of those codes that permits you to use the computing power of the user's device to mine in Monero: The important thing is to explicitly warn the user that, upon visiting that page, will need to provide part of the activity of his PC to undermine on the behalf of the site owner (political party), and also to be redeem any token won with the undermined. If the user is notified and gives his consent, the procedure is not illegal.

Mining of Cryptocurrency-Monero

Of course, the system only works if so many users connect to that page for a while, but theoretically, big games should have not hundreds of thousands, but millions of sympathizers...
In fact, users/donors in this way lend the computing power of their devices to the site, and gives away the electricity they use, thus the site can undermine Monero. Tokens collected by political parties through this operation can be expended or converted to Bitcoin or fiduciary currencies (euros, dollars, etc.). However, this is a practice that could also be applied to other sectors and activities as long as users gives their consent.
But from now on, we can say that, as long as the request for IAPSO Network (the company that created this scheme) is accepted, this could also become the "killer application” of Cryptocurrencies, as the parties constantly seeks for sources of finance and are able to influence the political options of the countries, even at the regulatory level. If this practice was to be extended, the bias policy of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain could change radically by approaching the two worlds and contributing to the massive adoption of the Cryptocurrency.

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