How to create and sell NFT for free

How to create and sell NFT for free

It’s now possible to create NFT for free, without paying the fee for gas demanded by the Ethereum blockchain. We’ll explain here two ways to achieve this.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have become the best way for artists, from any part of the world, to sell their digital works. Nevertheless,  the fact of paying a high fee (called gas), on the Ethereum blockchain, to register an NFT, held back many creators. Basically, no one wanted to invest money without knowing whether they could sell their art. Now, there are very effective alternatives  for creating  and selling NFT for free. We’ll explain how to do it in this article.

The NFT Boom

NFT was one of the most popular words in 2021. Any digital asset, from a tweet up to a photo, can become an NFT. The fact that everything is wearable to NFT doesn’t mean that it’s simple to sell. There are many offers. Additionally, in the traditional manner. Through the Ethereum blockchain, the creation process of an NFT can generate heavy expenses.

The fact of placing an NFT on one of the most used platforms these days, like OpenSea or Rarible is comparable  to submitting a digital archive to any website. However, to certify this digital asset, as an NFT, on the Ethereum blockchain, paying a high gas fee is necessary. To know the current Ethereum gas fee, we recommend consulting Etherscan. However, there is a way “to skip” this gas fee payment.

Steps for creating an NFT for free

The first step that any person interested in creating  and selling an NFT is to open an account in a cryptocurrency digital wallet. Opening it is free, and we highly recommend opening it in the MetaMask wallet. The reason for this choice is that MetaMask has been integrated very well with the principal NFT commercialization platforms like OpenSea, Foundation, and Rarible.

Once the account is created, touch “join” this wallet with OpenSea, which is the platform on which we’ll focus our explanation, because it is one of the easiest. On entering OpenSea, click on the wallet icon located at the upper right, to connect your MetaMask wallet to OpenSea.

After they are connected, you can see your profile on OpenSea and, immediately, create your first NFT. At this time, you can submit any digital asset of which you are the owner. Here, its not recommendable to submit just one asset, but several, as a collection. The analyses show that it’s easier to sell a collection of NFTs than just one individually.

For each asset that you submit to OpenSea, you must complete a series of data. Among them, the type of archive (images, audio, video, photography, etc.), the name of the asset, a description and its price.

Now comes the big difference and what makes the creation of the NFT free. On OpenSea, they’ll ask you what type of blockchain you’ll use. The default option is Ethereum. But, if you get mixed up and confirm that it’s that, then you will have to pay the gas fee, which isn’t exactly cheap.

 Right then, you must activate the option of using the Polygon blockchain. This is one of the most used blockchains these days for minting NFTs. Its fees are much more economic than Ethereum’s. In the case of creating NFTs on OpenSea, Polygon doesn’t charge absolutely anything.

Nonetheless, you must be clear that OpenSea will keep 2.5% from the sale of each NFT.

Lazy Minting, another way to create NFT for free

If the option of using the Polygon blockchain on OpenSea isn’t working for you, you have another way of creating NFT with paying the gas fee. The procedure is called “lazy minting”. This means you can defer the payment of the minting of the NFT until the moment of the sale. In other words, you won’t have to pay the gas fee while creating the NFT, but this value will be settled when you sell the NFT. Up to now, the “lazy minting” is available on the OpenSea and Rarible platforms.

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