Can cryptocurrencies mark the end of real money?

Can cryptocurrencies mark the end of real money?

Cryptocurrencies could mark the end of “real money”, although this moment hasn’t arrived yet. Many say that cryptocurrencies are an invention, without either support or backing, but these days, what support or backing do “real currencies” have? Everyone talks about Bitcoin, which is considered to be the first cryptocurrency, but it certainly isn’t the only one in existence; several competitors have emerged, striving to grow in the face of a market that appears to welcome the advantages of working with a currency that is completely decentralized.
All cryptocurrencies work under a basic foundation: the blockchain, a public register of shared transactions that permits creating and tracking a new type of digital token that only be created and shared according to the agreed upon rules in the network.
Among those competing against Bitcoin we can mention Litecoin and Dogecoin, which share the same function: creating a new digital currency; whereas, other cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum or Bat, have the same principle, but are applied it to a specific purpose: calculating on the cloud or digital advertising.
None of these cryptocurrencies really exists as a concrete physical object, or even digital. For example, in Bitcoin’s case, when you have possession of one, what really counts is with the collective agreement of some other computer in the Bitcoin network that his Bitcoin was legitimately created by a “miner”, and then passed on to you through a series of legitimate transactions.

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