5 best platforms to market NFT

5 best platforms to market NFT

Nowadays, anything can become a token, find out the 5 best platforms to market NFTs. Where to buy and sell NFTs? These five platforms are currently offering the most facilities.

According to cryptocurrency tracker, DappRadaer, sales of NFTs generated $25 billion in 2021. This was 200 times more than what was traded in 2020. The trend indicates that in 2022 sales will continue to grow.

Why are NFTs so attractive?

NFTs have a strong appeal to collectors. Many of them will buy them at a price today hoping to sell at a higher price and make a profit in the future. The characteristics of NFTs make the authentication process very secure. Besides, buying and selling occurs quickly.

Each NFT is unique and cannot be replicated. Each token is registered in the blockchain selected by the seller. This chain stores the ownership of the NFT. Since blockchains are inviolable, impersonation scams are impossible. Generally, most NFT transactions are executed with the cryptocurrency Ether, native to the Ethereum network.

There are now several platforms for buying and selling NFTs. In this article we share the characteristics of the ones we consider to be the best.


Experts consider OpenSea to be the most comprehensive platform for buying and selling NFTs. The site offers all types of NFTs, from artwork to collectible cards to domain names. NFTs on OpenSea comply with ERC-1155 and ERC-721 standards. This guarantees the authenticity of each token.

Anyone can create their own NFTs on OpenSea, regardless of their knowledge of the subject. You can auction your NFTs on the platform or sell them at a fixed price. In order to work with OpenSea it is essential to have a digital Ether wallet.


The platform offers a decentralized marketplace for NFTs. There, you can find out which NFTs are trending, which sellers have the best reputation, and navigate through the topics you are most interested in.

On Rarible you can also create your NFTs with the support of specialists. The platform also offers royalties between 5% and 50% of the future resales of your NFT.


Foundation focuses on digital art. Currently, it is one of the most used by artists and art collectors. Creators cannot make direct sales, only auctions. They get 85% of the final value while the other percentage remains on the platform.

Since its creation in February 2021, digital art creators have earned more than 40 million dollars in Foundation.


Mintable seeks to establish itself as an open marketplace, just like OpenSea. The platform allows anyone to create and sell their own NFTs. One of the great advantages of Mintable is that it is completely free to create NFTs. Meanwhile, other competitors do charge people a fee (gas) for each token created.

Platforms for a specific type of NFT

The internet has seen a proliferation of platforms that market a specific type of NFT, usually linked to a brand, sport or public figure.

For instance, NBA Top Shot sells collectibles, videos and photos of NBA players and teams.

Upland NFLPA is a similar concept. In this case, the NFL Players Association teamed up with Upland to sell NFT collections of NFL players.

The world' fastest growing digital social network is TikTok. The company created TikTop Top Moments. Their initiative seeks to get creators to sell their videos as NFTs.

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