Big brands who are making big moves in the US iGaming industry

Big brands who are making big moves in the US iGaming industry

The United States iGaming market is increasingly becoming one of the most interesting industries, with the introduction of regulations and favorable conditions starting to be experienced across the country, the nation has now become one that is starting to provide a number of opportunities, especially for big brands within the industry’s sphere.

The market potential is already recognized by many, as it reached a height of $59 billion in 2022, according to some estimates and reports. That is a big number already, but with just six states having legalized iGaming so far - and only Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania being the only ones to have fully regulated it - there is still plenty of room for significant expansion and growth.

Residents in the country are also taking note of the opportunities that could come their way because of the shift in law and the possibility of being able to play online casino games where they live in the future. Americans are known to like to gamble, but they have been stuck with land-based options.

Nowadays, some are able to explore the best online casinos in USA and take advantage of the options that they have possible because of the big brands that have decided to capitalize on the availability of the industry.

Who are the biggest brands to make big moves?

Several American brands - who are mostly backed by established players in other markets such as the European one - have made their presence known throughout the industry. Each were early adopters of the new regulations and managed to secure themselves licenses as quickly as they could to have the ability to legally operate.

BetMGM is one of those to have taken advantage of the favorable conditions and make itself known. Part of the MGM Resorts International Group, BetMGM is already one of the most well-known brands in the industry, but they have since managed to launch an online sportsbook and casino in several states, including those where iGaming has been made legal.

Daily fantasy sports brands, FanDuel and DraftKings, are two other major names to have capitalized on the opportunity to enter the market as soon as possible. They are both among the biggest sports betting brands in the world, but they each offer casino gaming where permitted, thus making them an attractive proposition because of their reputations.

Caesars Entertainment is another sportsbook with a casino offering that has made its presence known throughout the US in recent years, too. After acquiring British brand William Hill for £2.9 billion, they have made a steady move in the US market to try and conquer as much market size as they can.

Unibet is another big-named operator that has managed to move successfully into the American iGaming market, as they also provide several casino games - and sports betting markets - to punters in a variety of legal states.

Expansion likely to continue

While the iGaming market in America is still growing, several big brands have already managed to successfully establish themselves within it. However, that is unlikely to be the end of it, as we can expect to see even more try to enter, especially if regulations continue to change and more states open their borders to the industry in the future.

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