Cryptocurrency wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets

A cryptocurrency wallet is the great technological innovation that has accompanied the emergence in the market of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and that perhaps, due to the importance of Bitcoin, in the eyes of the public opinion has always been… Read more
In the near future, we will no longer use passwords but wallets

In the near future, we will no longer use passwords but wallets

One thing that few people knows is that asymmetric cryptography, which is the basis of Cryptocurrencies purses, basically serves to digitally sign transactions, so that they can only be authorized by the owner of the purse. Another thing that few kn… Read more
What type of wallet  for my cryptocurrencies?

What type of wallet should I choose for my cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency portfolios contain two keys, one public and the other private, which allow mobilization of the funds. There are all kinds of portfolios; some are simple, while others are more complex and inappropriate for beginners. The most common t… Read more
What is a wallet?

What is a wallet?

The electronic or e-wallet is a place where cryptocurrencies can be deposited. There are wallets that are compatible with a single currency and others where multiple currencies can be deposited. In practice, a wallet is a software that serves for con… Read more

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