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The volatility of Bitcoin's price at its lowest level

The volatility of Bitcoin's price is lower

There is a specialized site that measures the volatility of the Bitcoin price with estimates from the last 30 to 60 days, is calculated as the price variability in the time period considered: Th… Read more
Ethereum plummets and Bitcoin also loses value

Ethereum plummets and Bitcoin also loses value

The Cryptocurrencies, Ethereum and Bitcoin, have gone through complicated times in the last days, as both lost value, especially the Ethereum that fell to its minimum in eleven months, below 300 dollars; Meanwhile, the Bitcoin descended from the US $… Read more
Bitcoin down again

Bitcoin back to the bottom

Bitcoin, the most widely used Cryptocurrency in the world, has undergone five price corrections throughout its first decade of existence. The latest modification confirms a worrisome downward trend, as according to a report by analyst and investor Pe… Read more
Bitcoin prediction puts its price at 55 000 USD

Bitcoin regained value and forecasts puts its price at 55000 USD by 2020

At the end of 2017, Bitcoins prices reached their highest price, almost 20 000 USD. Then a fall whereof (drastic fall) which at the end of 2018 placed the BTC value at just over 3 000 USD; However, in 2019, a recovery of 25% placing this Cryptocurren… Read more
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